News#1: 5th Edition is coming!

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Dear simjunkies and simracers,

You will probably know SJLMC if you have been a part of the event in the past, or perhaps you have read post-race comments glorifying the exploits of your fellow competitors defending the colors of your league. Perhaps you are just a classic car simulation enthusiast, in any case SJLMC is one event you don’t want to miss in 2015.

This event has been running annually since 2011, and is considered one of the premier simracing experiences using rFactor1. Contrary to popular belief, there is still plenty of life left in this title and is the most suitable platform for this event.

We count on your commitment to build a team and be among the 13 teams / 39 cars involved in this wonderful event.

As a reference, the rFactor1 mods we will be using for the SJLMC are: HistoriX v1.96, DRM v2.2b, WSC70 and of course the recently released VLM GTPC. Which means a choice between 65+ chassis and 700+ skins.

This website has been established to provide all the information and resources needed for participation, register to build your team and fight for glory in the SJLMC to be held 27-28th June 2015.

Participation is limited to 13 teams and organizers will give priority to leagues and teams that have participated in previous editions.
That doesn’t mean there won’t be remaining spots for new teams and drivers, you’re welcome to submit your “Team Registration”.

Registrations are on a ” first come first served ” basis so get in quick and good luck!

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