HOW TO INSTALL SJLMC rFsync? developed and powered by Old Drivers Spirit for Simjunkies LMC


Attention: Do not install rFactor Lite into ProgramFiles or ProgramFiles(x86) folders. 
Prefer Documents folder.


  • STEP 2 | Downloading SJLMC_rfsync

Password will be asked (sent to team managers)

  • STEP 3 | Installing SJLMC_rfsync

 Unzip LMC_rfsync in your main rfactor directory


  • STEP 4 | Synchronizing your game with our racing servers

Launch rfsync.bat located in your rfactor directory

Select Synchronize seasons into the Menu 
(using mouse or keyboard arrows)

Tick the grids you want to participate

Click "Synchronize" and files are being downloaded. 
Wait while downloading, it can take time.

Once Sync is successful, Click "Quit"


  • STEP 5 | Launch rFactor and join our servers

Link (coming soon)