News#4: Grid 1 & 2 [rfsync]

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Dear Simracing friends and competitors,

Still 4 weeks remaining before D-Day!

Sorry for the delay but Grid 1 & 2 have been implemented to the synchronization tool. You can download them following this procedure.

Previous years showed big differences in pace depending on the cars, but thanks to our testing drivers, car performances have been tweaked to offer the best competition possible into the same grid.

Grid 3 and 4 which are still in development and will be soon available, Just a matter of days.
Practice servers will be arranged too and you will be able to put some “online” practice for those who want to show their pace!

Stay connected for more content.

PS : 7 teams are registered so far, 6 spots are still available! Hurry up!

Videos by LooneyJuice, Thank you !