News#7: Grid 3 A& B [rfsync]

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Dear competitors,

Battle is very promising at the real 24H LeMans at the time we are writing these lines.

As promised the awaited Grid3 have been implemented to the synchronization tool.
You can download them following this procedure.

That mod required a lot of work (thank to our test driver) and is made available now in a version we think “drivable” and enjoyable”.
New brakes, gearboxes and engines specs, add-on cars, realfeel, etc, etc, to respond our wish for the best experience and competition we can provide at this stage.
(100+ cars)

For simracers who drove WSC70 mod in previous editions and agreed the mod needed a re-work.
We would be pleased to have your feedback after your first laps. The cars will ask for setups.

Have good practice at SJ servers, enjoy the 24 and stay tuned!


PS: The missing Matra 670 of Grid B will appear later in the weekend.

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