News#3: Track & rfsync avalaible

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Dear Simracing friends and competitors,

The long awaited rfactor synchronization tool has been released!

The track have been implemented and you can download it following this procedure.

Each team manager will receive (by email) the necessary password to unlock content.
This password will be the same used for racing server, we let team managers relay this information to drivers.

The track used the last 2 years has been reworked and arranged for Simjunkies LMC purpose.
We must mention and thank zoolee145 for the original track and Flaux for textures updates. That work is awesome!

Within the coming days, Grids will be added one by one to rfsync.

Stay tuned!

PS: Some screenies, sorry for quality.



rFactor 2015-05-20 23-58-51-18

rFactor 2015-05-20 23-59-38-51

rFactor 2015-05-21 00-00-58-26

rFactor 2015-05-21 00-04-22-06

rFactor 2015-05-21 00-09-35-69

rFactor 2015-05-21 00-08-56-05

rFactor 2015-05-21 00-11-34-18

rFactor 2015-05-20 23-56-51-34